An Ode to Red Wine

It’z with sadness in my heart and the joy of deliverance, a bittersweet mix, that i write this ode. After over seven years of indulging myself with the loose pleasure of drinking red wine exclusively, after long days, nights, and short weeks, I have come to a much resisted halt.

Recently, I came to a discovery in my body I have suffered greatly from an unhealthy war waged against my taste…it became more frequent and I fought back through resistance…..of food…..of drink, I resisted many things to regain my senses…..of smell…of taste, I came to an unworthy conclusion that certain (most) brands of red wine drive me into a craze…..of hives…headaches…sneezing…difficulty breathing…I have suffered and as i write this i am going through my final penance from this war waged against my body – histamine in each glass of red wine I ingest is the lethal weapon. I am done fighting. I can no longer drink red wine. I will not die of enjoyment entanglement.

I must say in all this that while my relationship with red wine lasted it took my breathe away, literally.

#FortheLoveofFood Gist

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Munachim Chukwuma is an Igbo woman from Odekpe town, Ogbaru, Nigeria. She is an avid reader and passionate learner, a philosopher.

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