Are You a Diabolic Person? or You Just Like Traditional Things? #Q&A

Actual statement & Question: I read your post about how you do not eat snails in your village. Sometimes I don’t understand the things you write here or even tweet. Are you a diabolic person? Or you just like traditional things?

LMAO!! first of all let me say, I thank you, because of you (this question you sent in) I read the post you’re referring to In My Village We Do Not Eat Snail and it’s reminded me that I made a promise to do a documenting series which my father! my goodness lol! so thank you.

To your question on whether or not I am a diabolic person, of course not, to say I am would be to state that I am characterized by the devil or I engage in such unpleasant things that are considered terrible or even evil. God forbid. Lol! Or like you’ve asked if I just like traditional things? by that I’m assuming you mean my culture. Of course I do. I am very curious about where I am from, the conceptual schemes that affect my people, my history, the cultural practices of my family and community both past and present, I am very curious and interested in anything and everything that is considered indigenous and in my case that is Igbo. I want to know the why? the how? the what? the when? the where? I am eager to learn about traditional things yes whether or not there is a spiritual connotation to whatever that presents it self to be.

Glad to know you are at least reading my stuff which you don’t seem to understand. Thank you for your audience and I hope I answered your question, sir.

P.S: I received this question over two months ago and as a chief procrastinator I delayed in responding because my commitment is that I will respond to any question I receive here on the blog or via email or DMs (concerning the blog) with/as a post. So please feel free to send me questions about anything you’re curious about that concerns what i write, freely!

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Munachim Chukwuma is an Igbo woman from Odekpe town, Ogbaru, Nigeria. She is an avid reader and passionate learner, a philosopher.

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