Category: For the Love of Spontaneous poetry.


How can you ask a child that was born under mad conditions to renounce madness? that’s all she knows. Leave me to bury my mothers shame and redeem myself through madness. It is how i was born. It is how i will die. Let me die mad.

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Tell The Truth (3)

The first business i started was a gas filling business. I was sixteen at the time. I started it at the beginning of 2013, at new brunei hostel, KNUST campus in Ghana. That was when my reign as an entrepreneur started. I saw an opportunity to help international students meet their needs of filling their…

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Tell The Truth (2)

Debt is a real killer, no wonder it is pronounced as death. That shit will mess with your mind. But no one told me. No one could have warned me. We did not see it coming. I could have sworn on my future law degree and my mother could have sworn with me that never…

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Tell The Truth (1)

All i can afford to take on now is a lover, yes honey a lover. Not even a companion, no no, nothing like that, just a lover. A companion would be too much for him, not me, i’ll do just fine, him not sure. Because you see the problem with being with an epoch and…

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