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An Ode to Red Wine

It’z with sadness in my heart and the joy of deliverance, a bittersweet mix, that i write this ode. After over seven years of indulging myself with the loose pleasure of drinking red wine exclusively, after long days, nights, and short weeks, I have come to a much resisted halt. Recently, I came to a…

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My Dining Room Experience

Lamide Akintobi’s tweet about the Dining Room made me add it to my list of restaurants to check out. Yes o I have a list. Listen to me when I say my visit to the Dining Room was an entire magical experience, Tori & Dan (the owners) are not here to play they are here to…

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Food Patriotism

The very first time the idea of food patriotism occured to me was when i wrote an opinion piece for kitchen butterfly – Ozoz, on why i do not like Jollof rice. Writing that piece was a great opportunity which i thoroughly enjoyed and am still thankful for, it really helped me realize my love…

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